Free services to build 5-10 client portfolio**. Small jobs in non-busy times may also be done for credibility.

Web Development Courses Grades: Course 1 B+ Second A- [Top Of Class] two top web developments NZ schools

Willing to provide extra discounts for ongoing services.

Worked & Studied: 17.5 / 22.5 Years. Multiple days sometimes without sleep
Services are usually remote only. Disability prevents travel.

Web Development

2 years of study and 3 years of experience of Web Development
Rely on someone else’s $40,000 worth of studies & Developed over 50 websites
$50 WordPress webpage setup + 2 hours tutoring via shared desktop / Teamviewer
$26/Hour or $075.00 / Page HTML/CSS Template*
$26/Hour or $035.00 / Page HTML/CSS Data entry into template*
[*Can do designs similar to others]
$26/Hour or $100.00 / Page PHP&MySQL, ASP&Access||MS-SQL, CFML, More than 7 Fields may incur fee by negotiation [Still to be cost competitive]
$26/Hour General Web Development work

Windows Technical Support

1 years of study and 1 years of experience of Windows Technical Support
No charge for unsolved problems
Rely on someone else’s $16,000 worth of studies & Installed windows over 500 times
$030 Problem Location diagnosis in IBM PC Hardware / IBM PC Windows
$030 7/8/8.1/10 Windows Password Reset, I can courier USB Stick to you.
$030 7/8/8.1/10 Windows Re-Install, If you want remote service I can courier USB Stick to you
$030 File Recovery, If you want remote service I can courier USB Stick to you
$030 Hard Disk Erasure, If you want remote service I can courier USB Stick to you
$030/Hour General Windows Technical Support

Data Entry

5 years data entry experience
$16.50/Hour or $002.50 / Page, Data Entry in Text, Word, Excel or by request.
$16.50/Hour General light computer duties

**Business around 2004 was Digital Builder, 50 around web clients.
Was offered web developer of the year Award.
I was keen to show it around the neighborhood but the next door neighbors got drunk and stabbed me in the forehead. The police and my family said you may as well move their not worth the hassle so I moved to Australia and sold the business. I am now restarting